Voiland School Magazine 2020
The Gene and Linda Voiland School of Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering, Washington State University.
November 2020

E.V. Murphree Award

Voiland Distinguished Professor Yong Wang received the American Chemical Society’s E.V. Murphree Award for 2021.

A key to cheaper renewable fuels

WSU researchers have made a key first step in economically converting plant materials to fuels: keeping iron from rusting.

A molecular dance that keeps hearts beating

WSU researchers have proven for the first time how the filament-like proteins in muscle cells are kept in line to keep your heart beating.

How to teach hands-on during a pandemic

Without in-person classes, meeting the challenge of teaching critically important senior-level classes like the Unit Ops lab requires cameras, kits, and cleverness.

Student Success
Advanced degree opportunities
Voiland School launches one-year, non-thesis master’s degrees. A tough economic downturn and a global pandemic mean that students are upping their education.
Congratulations to Voiland School students who received honors in the past year.

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