School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering Magazine 2020
School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, Washington State University.
November 2020
Director’s message
With our growing research program, the addition of new faculty members, and creative ways to provide hands-on learning, we are finding success during a challenging year.

Using soy to improve bone cancer treatment

A recent study showed that releasing soy-based chemical compounds from a 3D printed bone-like scaffold reduced bone cancer cells while building up healthy cells.

Liquid hydrogen to power UAVs

Researchers demonstrated a key technology needed for long endurance, all electric flights for medium-sized UAVs. It could also be the first step toward a future of using hydrogen in aviation.

A 3D-printed heart valve model

The organ model, developed in part by WSU scientists, could improve surgical outcomes for thousands of patients worldwide.

Hands-on learning at a distance

They might not be in class physically, but students in Professor Arda Gozen’s class are interfacing remotely with robotic arms.
Awards and Fellowships
Congratulations to MME faculty who were named Faculty Fellows in the past year.
Student Success
Congratulations to School of MME students who received honors or succeeded in competitions this year.
Kjell Westra
NASA Fellowship
Aaron Ramadan
Clinton Fellow
Crimson Robotics
Battlebots competitors
Welcome New Faculty
Emphasizing advanced manufacturing and robotics research.
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