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School of Design and Construction, Washington State University.
January 2020
Message from School Director Ryan Smith

Gearing up for a great year
SDC Director Ryan Smith is looking forward to new planning efforts and opportunities for growth and success in the school.

National award for building block design

The innovative blocks made from drywall waste are designed to reduce waste and provide affordable building material that could lower housing costs.

Healthy buildings

WSU’s Integrated Design and Construction Laboratory is studying how people will interact with Spokane’s Catalyst Building, one of the world’s most energy efficient buildings.

A measure of healthy housing

WSU researchers have developed a way to measure social sustainability of housing complexes, which could help architects and planners design housing for healthier communities.

Inspired to help

Graduate student Chien-yi Chu designed the idea for a mobile app that someday could help refugees assimilate in the UK and become a part of the community.

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