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Washington State University
Dear WSU Community,

On August 3, 2015, the Washington State University’s online information portal, currently named zzusis, will be transitioning to the new name “myWSU.”

What does the change mean to current zzusis users?
The renaming of zzusis to myWSU is the only major change to users. In order to log in to myWSU, users will go to The domain will automatically redirect users to myWSU indefinitely. Individuals who have this url bookmarked will still be able to successfully reach the portal without interruption. Users will log into myWSU with their existing WSU network ID and password.

What does the name change mean to WSU colleges and departments?
All WSU colleges and departments who currently reference “zzusis” in any of their communications, printed materials, publications, or on their website will need to transition to using myWSU by December 31, 2015. An online toolbox has been set up at as a resource to provide graphics and other information useful in editing information and materials referencing the myWSU portal.

Why is the name changing?
The renaming effort was proposed by the late WSU President Elson S. Floyd, who expressed concerns that the name zzusis, used originally to describe the WSU student information system, had evolved in recent years to describe the entire WSU online portal. The portal is used to access the student information system, but also provides access to a variety of other databases and services. The name myWSU more appropriately reflects the use and functionally of the services available through the portal.

The myWSU committee would like to thank everyone who has been involved in this change. This has been a university-wide effort and we greatly appreciate the assistance of those who have generously given of their time to help move this project forward.

myWSU Committee

Enterprise Systems Group | Washington State University
PO Box 642341, Pullman WA 99164
Washington State University