Washington State University Pullman.

Dear colleagues and students:

I am writing to inform you about an opportunity to shape the future of transportation and parking at WSU Pullman.

The Social and Economic Sciences Research Center (SESRC) has joined forces with WSU Transportation Services to conduct the 2023 WSU Pullman Transportation Survey. This important survey aims to gather information on how faculty, staff, and students commute to campus, utilize the transit system, and park. The outcomes of this survey will directly inform decisions made by WSU Transportation Services regarding enhancements to our campus transportation system. It is imperative that individuals like you, who use the transportation and parking infrastructure on the Pullman campus, provide valuable input to ensure the accuracy of the findings.

The survey will launch in the next few days, and you may be selected to participate. Invitations will be sent from the WSU Transportation Survey Team, containing the link to the online survey and your unique access code. Please note that your contact information will be used exclusively for survey-related purposes. The SESRC is committed to ensuring participant confidentiality throughout the survey process.

Should you have any questions or require additional information about the survey, please contact the SESRC Survey Team at wsu.transportation.survey@wsu.edu. They are readily available to assist you.

Your contribution can make a substantial difference and help us create a more efficient and user-friendly transportation and parking system for everyone at WSU Pullman. Thank you in advance for your participation.


Elizabeth S. Chilton
Chancellor, WSU Pullman
Provost and Executive Vice President
Professor, Department of Anthropology

Aerial view of the WSU Pullman campus.

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